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Iron Chic - Sounds Like A Pretty Brutal Murder

This new album is fantastic!

Things get weird,You just have to deal with it. Eat the heart, Eat every little piece of it. Unwind, Get high, Say fuck the world, We’re done with that. Maybe then we can, Maybe then we can relax!
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↳ frank reynolds.

"I don’t know how many years on this Earth I got left, I’m gonna get real weird with it."

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dear fucking tumblr

this is a fucking bumblebee


this is a fucking bee


this is a fucking hornet


this is a fucking wasp


as you can fucking see the longer their legs are and the less fuzzy they are is equivalent to how fucking evil they fucking are

I feel like I just watched a step by step pokemon evolution

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The Menzingers On The Punk Community’s Reaction To Success



The Menzingers caught many off guard with the On The Impossible Past. The band recently spoke about Rented World as a follow-up and the potential worry to how the punk scene often deals with band’s following a successful release. Read the full interview here via Blare or a snippet below after the jump. 

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Is Vinyl Really Better Than CDs?



Accidental Tech Podcast took a musical-aside this week to discuss whether vinyl actually sounds better than the CD format or not. Listen to the discussion here starting at the 1:51 mark. What do you think?

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Watch: ‘SNL' -  Blue River Dog Food

 we interrupt the nerdness, for this outstanding sketch from last night

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Interviews: George Hirsch (Blacklisted) →

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